Manufacturing capabilities



Continuously upgrading to the most up-to-date technologies, Givon manufactures precision machine parts and machining
of composite material parts. We offer customized sizes from miniscule to 6 meters, according to your needs. Our experience and capabilities extend to manufacturing parts from a large selection of  metals including: Titanium, AluminumInconel,
SS and virtually any other materials needed.
Our record of zero scrap rates means all production is cost-efficient and we guarantee a faster time-to-market.
Innovative In-House NC Programming
Our highly capable, innovative team does all NC programming in-house, employing the latest computer technology and simultaneous multi-axes software.
The primary focus is to add value to the customer experience by:   
  •   Optimizing machining time vs. cutting tool wear
  •   Reducing number of operations by utilizing SMED and special holding fixtures
  •   DFMA

Turnkey Solutions



Givon offers Turnkey Solutions, what we like to call “Concept to Product”, to our customers. That means that we start with the program’s initial stage, and participate in the Integrated Product Team (IPT).
Our dedicated team then designs the entire Manufacturing and Assembly process including: tooling, jigs and fixtures, manufacturing sheets and so on.



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